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Sorry to hear it didn’t work out despite your best intentions. It’s good that you’ve ‘saved yourself’. That’s necessary for your own well being and sanity. To determine an earthquake’s magnitude. Each successive point on the logarithmic scale represents an increase by a factor of 10 in wave amplitude. A modified Mercalli scale, originally developed by the Italian seismologist Giuseppe… Read more →

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2008Holographic composites with gold nanoparticles: nanoparticles promote polymer segregationGoldenberg, L. M., Sakhno, O. V., Smimova, T. Verification of conformance to design specifications in production, and identification of defects related to wear or other damage during maintenance, are key metrological aspects that must be addressed for micro scale tessellated surfaces. A new algorithmic approach is presented that operates on topography datasets… Read more →

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Dan Patrick, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples. No Democrats entered the race yet, although Sen. Leticia Van de Putte has said she is contemplating a run.. If Lamborghini can have its own mobile phone, we suppose it’s only fair that Ferrari get one too. Introducing Motorola’s MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge. With a V6, wouldn’t that… Read more →

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I have seen literally thousands of bullets, deformed and un deformed, after penetrating tissue and tissue simulants. Some were bent, some torn in two or more pieces, but to have a cross section sheared out is physically impossible. That fragment has a lot of mystery associated with it.”. The integrity of several buildings and homes on Mindanao have already been… Read more →

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