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Therefore, in this paper we provide a first attempt at defining this framework for use in water resources. We identify eight key benefits offered by neuro emulation and exemplify these with relevant examples from the literature. The concluding section highlights a number of strategic research directions, related to the identified potential of neuroemulators in water resources modelling.. Of rain possible,… Read more →

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An important part of the annual Hub Award event is the establishment of a scholarship fund in honor of each of the Hub Award recipients. Contributions honoring the recipients will be placed in the Hub Award Endowment at the Greater PineBelt Community Foundation to benefit students attending The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University. From its origin in… Read more →

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E fulfillment requires that increased attention be given to customer care services. Customers expect round the clock service available through several channels. Additionally, e commerce sites must be designed to provide the information customers demand. “Night Sky”. On a clear night, the stars and the glowing band of the Milky Way Galaxy are generally visible. Credit: Sam CrimminThe reason for… Read more →

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There are lots of other so called shared burdens booking shows, managing merchandise, logistics around recording and producing releases. Not to mention the burden of contributing creatively, and the extremely vague but obviously important aspects of marketing the band. I not even mentioning individual contributions to “style” which can arguably be the most valuable aspects of what a group produces,… Read more →

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Osmotic reflexion coefficients substantially different from 1.0 cannot be ascribed to the participation of other hidden’ parallel aqueous channels consistently with known properties of the membrane. Furthermore, we show that this difference cannot be due to second order effects, such as a solute specific interaction with water in only part of the channel, because the osmosis is linear with driving… Read more →

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