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The second day of competition was much more dominant for Marshfield, as they raced past their competition for the MWL crown. Already with two first place finishes in their pockets, Madelyn Metzler added to the Pirates lead, winning the 100 meters with a time of 12.52 seconds. She would claim another individual victory in the 200 meters as well, finishing… Read more →

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Myles L. Deering, who served three years as executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs before stepping down this month. But even if HB 2653 isn’t an act of personal pique, it’s bad policy and should be shelved.. Think when you look at the art, you can come to that conclusion at all, because Roy hand is definitely… Read more →

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“Everyone had stories they told themselves to get through the days,” Deming Guo muses the evening of his 22nd birthday, summing up a lifetime of leaving and being left that has defined his short life thus far. Deming, also known as Daniel Wilkinson, provides half of the dual narrative of Lisa Ko’s achingly insightful, gorgeously redemptive debut novel,The Leavers; the… Read more →

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But restorative justice is more than that. It’s about helping the criminal understand where his anti social behavior stems from and how to change the way he reacts and interacts with the world. And perhaps most important it’s about teaching criminals to empathize with their victims. In a study of Chinese speaking international students at a British university, trait like… Read more →

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Economic rewards Several jobs are made from water waste treatment programs since people like engineers, plant operators, consultants and others are needed for the operation and maintenance of facilities. Other than jobs, tourism is promoted since the environment becomes cleaner. To Conclude Because individuals are dependent on water for survival, it is necessary that numerous strategies like waste water treatment… Read more →

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Although Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit on a regular basis, their 2:3 orbital resonance ensures they can never collide. On occasion, Neptune’s gravity also causes icy bodies to be kicked out of the Kuiper Belt. Many of these then travel to the Inner Solar System, where they become comets with extremely long orbital periods.. Steve Holland breathed new life into the… Read more →

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“We’re very pleased with our overall third quarter 2019 results. It was a quarter where the validation of our move to digital extended beyond personal insurance, to small commercial and commercial auto. Our results demonstrated our ability to deliver on our commitment to profitably grow commercial lines and our agents’ willingness to accept our new platform for these lines.. The… Read more →

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Throughout the simulation studies, an extreme learning machine is used to train the interval type 2 fuzzy logic system. The prediction results show that, in addition to their various advantages mentioned above, elliptic MFs have comparable prediction results when compared to Gaussian and triangular MFs. Finally, in order to test the performance of fuzzy logic controller with elliptic interval type… Read more →

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