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“This study is important because it shows that a component of breast milk protects and repairs the babies’ delicate intestines in readiness for the onslaught of all the food and drink that are to come. Truth Publishing LLC takes sole responsibility for all content. Truth Publishing sells no hard products and earns no money from the recommendation of products. In… Read more →

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As creative, complicated beings, Indigos add color and individuality to our world so intensely we readily accept their curious and sometimes noncommittal nature as a beautiful force of creativity. This beautiful force is intuitive enough to understand that all the pieces and scraps of events, places, people and things mean something. However, they are intelligent enough to understand that it… Read more →

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Here we report that these two TLR4 ligands induce distinct macrophage signalling pathways and phenotypes. Macrophages activated by LPS or tenascin C display some common features, including NF kB and MAP kinase signalling, and cytokine synthesis. However, different subsets of cytokines, and different phosphoproteomic signatures, are produced by each stimulus. Logged odds ratios were synthesised quantitatively in a meta analysis.Results:… Read more →

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This injustice is particularly acute for low income workers. In New York, nearly 50 percent of low income working mothers have $500 or less in savings, and more than 33 percent have no savings. Without paid family leave, low income workers are also more likely to utilize public assistance after the birth of a child or serious illness in the… Read more →

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Organic farmers in the region have tapped a demand for local produce free of pesticides and wanted to prevent their crops from what they consider contamination by cross pollination from nearby GMO crops. They tried to reach a deal with Syngenta to keep modified sugar beets away from organics but pursued a ballot measure when the talks broke down. Bans… Read more →