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Secretary Carson wants to removediscrimination from the missionof the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary DeVoswants to privatize education, Attorney General Sessions says that the Voting Rights Act wasan intrusion on states rights, [and] there President Trump who has shamelessly race baited. We are facing a headwind. We are going forward, but it is a tug of war.. Simmons… Read more →

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The researchers hope that their work could lead to even more discoveries and innovations.operation of a battery could drive the emergence of atypical chemical states that do not exist in our conventional thinking, said Yang. Basic understanding could trigger other novel designs, and open our eyes beyond our conventional wisdom [on electrode materials]. That would be a fine development that… Read more →

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Medical professionals are quick to perform surgery on DCIS even though it’s hardly a cancerous condition at all. In fact, if doctors educated women on the non invasive nature of DCIS, women would feel more empowered to do nothing surgically or chemically to their breasts. This would save women extraordinary amounts of energy while preventing all the pain, chronic fatigue… Read more →

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SBAS is designed to improve GNSS system integrity and accuracy for aircraft navigation and landing, while an alternative approach to GNSS augmentation is to transmit integrity and differential correction messages from ground based augmentation systems (GBAS). In addition to existing space and ground based augmentation systems, GNSS augmentation may take the form of additional information being provided by other on… Read more →

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Standing: Before the court’s justices can consider any larger, constitutional question they must answer whether Texas and the other 25 states have “standing” to sue the federal government. Simply disliking a federal program does not give states the right to challenge it in court. Direct harm must be suffered to seek legal relief. I started watching this show when I… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractWe studied the interaction of perfect and lightly reduced ceria (111) surfaces with hydrogen and water molecules using density functional calculations implementing the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) and onsite Coulomb interactions (GGA+U). We predicted the relative surface energies at different states of reduction and in the presence of water, allowing insight into surface processes under a variety… Read more →

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It was brilliant theater, but bad medicine. And with this decision, whatever credibility the FDA thought it had remaining has now evaporated. The agency is suddenly the laughing stock of the world. A moving and powerful new film, Kenny, captures all that Dalglish achieved and endured during his playing career and first managerial stint at Liverpool. It is made even… Read more →

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The dry spell has also sparked controversy within China with regard to whether or not the Dai people should hold Songkran, the New Year’s festival celebrated in parts of East and Southeast Asia, in which lively water splashing is a prominent feature. Duan Jinhua, head of the information office in Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, announced that the fete would… Read more →

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