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Chemical assessment of post excavation changes observed in bone and antler from Star Carr, UKHigh, K. E., Penkman, K. E. This thesis describes a methodology for the development of a novel tool for rapid assessment of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) in office buildings in the UK. The tool uses design, measured, calculated and surveyed data as input for IEQ calculations.… Read more →

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An overview of activity based probes for glycosidasesWu, L., Armstrong, Z., Schrder, S. P., Boer, C. D., Artola, M., Aerts, J. As 1.5 million Moslems around the world observed the giving of the Koran by fasting during the day for the month of Ramadan, the Islamic doctrine of a worldwide caliphate or kingdom is understood by the Moslem world. Islamic… Read more →

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Money raised from the event supports three of the organization’s own music programs, the Music Mobile, Youth Concert, and Instrumental Competition. To date PSHA has raised more than $23 million to support music in our community. Each year they award gifts and grants to a diverse list of local and regional non profit organizations in support of their efforts in… Read more →

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Background: Saprobic fungi are the predominant industrial sources of Carbohydrate Active enZymes (CAZymes) used for the saccharification of lignocellulose during the production of second generation biofuels. The production of more effective enzyme cocktails is a key objective for efficient biofuel production. To achieve this objective, it is crucial to understand the response of fungi to lignocellulose substrates. In her statement,… Read more →

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ABBREVIATIONS: AR Army Regulation CLIN Contract Line Item Number COR Contracting Officer’s Representative DoD Department of Defense DoDI Department of Defense Instruction ECN Equipment Control Number FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation FDA Food and Drug Administration IAW In Accordance With NFPA National Fire Protection Association OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Association POC Point of contact PWS Performance… Read more →

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This study addresses the urgent need to increase public awareness, using personal accounts describing the long term outcomes of corporal punishment, with a depth of detail facilitated by an auto/biographical research methodology. Participants in the study expressed feelings of relief and increased self understanding, although for myself at least, these were accompanied by feelings of grief and confusion.The lives of… Read more →

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