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In every way imaginable. There was nothing good about Episodes 1 3. Nothing. The PMNCH analysis showed that donors tend to focus on countries with the largest numbers of maternal and child deaths, like India and Ethiopia, which also receive the most development aid. Other countries are largely ignored. For example, five countries Azerbaijan, Congo, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe,… Read more →

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This chart shows the path of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft toward its next potential target, the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69, (aka. Ultima Thule). Credit: Alex Parker/NASA/JHUAPL/SwRIAfter a five day extension was granted to accommodate more voting, the campaign wrapped up on Dec. The KL Deer Park is a 2 hectare enclosure housing a few species of deer including mousedeer.… Read more →

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Trump and Modi meet for their first bilateral talks, and at stake, among other issues, is the future of the world most expensive earth imaging satellite the NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) satellite, scheduled for launch in 2021.NISAR will use advanced radar imaging that will provide an unprecedented, detailed view of Earth. The satellite is designed to observe and… Read more →

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Over the past decade, economists have been study the impact that affirmative action has on college admissions rates and the process as a whole. In my paper, I would like to research how affirmative action has improved minoritys abilities to apply and be accepted to universities throughout America and also explore what the adverse affects of affirmative action in college… Read more →

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The ICF model is particularly fitting because it allows us to consider how physiological changes in hearing and cognition affect listening in various situations, what the consequences of these changes are for communicative abilities and social participation, and how this in turn affects life space mobility, self reported well being, and, ultimately, quality of life. We will discuss how environmental… Read more →

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3, 2016. See the full video below. Credit: USLaunchReportThe SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that suffered a catastrophic explosion this morning, Thursday, Sept. Public financial management and health service deliveryGoryakin, Y., Revill, P., Mirelman, A., Sweeney, R., Ochalek, J. M. Suhrcke, M. Starting in July is the advanced training course Level II. It is the next step up and provides the… Read more →

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We want to continue our work and truly desire to find a space that can house not only our studio and gallery but other studios and art businesses who focus on art on paper. We want to continue being a place where the public can enjoy seeing and purchasing contemporary prints. A relocation may give us an opportunity to expand… Read more →

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We show how both agent programs and the agent TMs deliberation strategy can be encoded in the agent programming language meta APL. Key steps in the execution cycle of meta APL are reflected in the state of the agent and can be queried and updated by meta APL rules, allowing BDI deliberation strategies to be programmed with ease. To illustrate… Read more →

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