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Secondary goals aimed to describe the ecology of the sohisika within its environment and hoped to identify patterns between age class, aspect, habitat, and surrounding vegetation. Total population was determined to be at least 1115, growing within an area of less than 50 square kilometers between 1400 and 1500 m above sea level. Most individuals were small shrubs (high) growing… Read more →

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This elimination of the subsecond order effect was at the expense of accuracy, as the mid point of the suprasecond interval was generally underestimated. Response precision increased as a proportion of total duration, reducing the variance below that predicted by Weber TMs law. This result is consistent with a breakdown of the scalar properties of time perception in the early… Read more →

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For a majority of river basins, discharge produced by CaMa Flood resulted in a better agreement with observations. In particular, maximum daily discharge was adjusted, with a multi model averaged reduction in bias over about 2/3 of the analysed basin area. The increase in agreement was obtained in both managed and near natural basins. Sustainable polysaccharide derived mesoporous carbons (Starbon)… Read more →

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How disappointing that Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have refused courtesy visits from Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, President elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general. The reasons range from objections based on racist comments Sessions allegedly made more than 30 years ago which he has denied or that his background will make it impossible for him to enforce… Read more →

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