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Existing literature does not provide adequate guidelines for a systematic process or an appropriate modelling language to support such analysis. This work aims to fill this gap by introducing the process and reason about the risks considering human factors. Design/methodology/approach To develop risk driven investment model along with the activities that support the process. Please check the source of your… Read more →

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Jacob s machine which used ether for cooling failed commercially simply because everyone seemed happy with using natural ice supplied from ice houses so he moved into printing instead. The rest of the 1800s concentrated on refrigeration on an industrial and commercial scale as household business would not pick up until the 1900s. From 1937 James Harrison worked on perfecting… Read more →

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Insisting that Philip Morris was not trying to make cigarettes seem glamorous, Weiss said, “We don’t ask any of our players to smoke. I doubt many, if any, do.”Hmmm. And why is that?Then, growing agitated, Weiss said, “That’s their choice. Rule 5: Wear Your HeadphonesDon’t like hearing the conversations of others? Want to catch up on the latest Game of… Read more →

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R., Thomas, C. D., Timoshyna, A., Unsworth, R. K. Du Bois described African American music as a gift to America, contesting the tendency to regard white interest in black culture as appropriation or theft. Yet this metaphor invoked the complex circuits of indebtedness and obligation that are intrinsic to gift exchange in anthropological accounts of the practice, challenging white recipients… Read more →

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Human Factors concerns exist with vehicle navigation systems, particularly relating to the effects of current Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) on driver disengagement from the environment. A road study was conducted aiming to provide initial input for the development of intelligent HMIs for in vehicle systems, using the traditional collaborative navigation relationship between the driver and passenger to inform future design.… Read more →

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Secondary goals aimed to describe the ecology of the sohisika within its environment and hoped to identify patterns between age class, aspect, habitat, and surrounding vegetation. Total population was determined to be at least 1115, growing within an area of less than 50 square kilometers between 1400 and 1500 m above sea level. Most individuals were small shrubs (high) growing… Read more →