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On a long term scale, he says, “This [CT] technique allows us to assess reef recovery rates without monitoring that reef for 30 years. We can establish an ecological baseline of coral growth for as far back as the corals lived. We can assess this coral colony’s physiological performance back through time.”. No, the great police state government that now… Read more →

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The Yearbook of International Organizations reports that there now are more than 26,000 international NGOs more than four times as many as existed just 10 years ago. Mr. Runyan estimates that there are some 2 million grassroots citizens’ groups in the US, at least two thirds of them created within the past three decades.. Do not put this medication in… Read more →

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Gemini’s Associate Director Dr. Jean Ren? Roy explains that Altair is a major step forward in Gemini’s aggressive plans to maximize the potential of adaptive optics on ground based astronomical imaging. Dr. AJJ Knife Man (Asian man records pressing, blue random color splatter?) By far my favorite AJJ album, not sure how much flak I will get for that, but… Read more →

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Maybe you a vegetarian who craves a burger every now and then (and don want to get shade for “cheating”). Or you a straight up carnivore looking to lighten up on your meat eating ways for health reasons. (After all, vegetarians live 3.5 years longer than meat eaters.) Well, good news, there an eating plan for you. In this paper,… Read more →

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Cell. Biochem. This article may be used for non commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Self Archiving.. We have a strong track record of fixed income management and, despite recent market volatility,impairments in Aviva’s high quality and long term asset portfolio are minimal. We continue to manage our balance sheet prudently and have taken extra measures… Read more →

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It’s after dinner on the third night, when the group are all full of Balkan mixed grill and a nice Tokay, that the trouble starts. A Wallachian we would probably call him a Romanian remarks that ‘[t]his is a night. Such as ghosts love.’ After this auspicious beginning, he tells his tale: once, several years ago, he was travelling in… Read more →