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Understanding how quantum resources can be quantified and distributed over many parties has profound applications in quantum communication. As one of the most intriguing features of quantum mechanics, Einstein Podolsky Rosen (EPR) steering is a useful resource for secure quantum networks. By reconstructing the covariance matrix of a continuous variable four mode square Gaussian cluster state subject to asymmetric loss,… Read more →

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Easther stressed it is a long shot that string theory might leave measurable effects on the microwave background by subtly changing the pattern of hot and cold spots. However, string theory is so hard to test experimentally that any chance is worth trying. Successors to WMAP, such as CMBPol and the European mission, Planck, will measure the CMB with unprecedented… Read more →

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The current understanding and developments in the electrostatic phase separation are reviewed. The literature covers predominantly two immiscible and inter dispersed liquids following the last review on the topic some 15 years. Electrocoalescence kinetics and governing parameters, such as the applied field, liquid properties, drop shape and flow, are considered. So far, the petition has received approximately 140,000 signatures. The… Read more →

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Their biggest headache would be arguments on whether the pumped hydro baseload capacity should carry the grid for two weeks or two months when the wind turbines are idle or the sun fails. I am sure many of John Smith old school, first principles engineers brandishing slide rules would love the chance to mentor them. The Greens can argue about… Read more →

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Objective: To design and deliver a synoptic experiential learning experience drawing on leadership and management skills coupled with clinical problem solving in a high fidelity simulation. To provide undergraduates with a mentor employed to support and coach groups and individuals to learn, practise and develop their leadership and team working skills.Design: Pharmacy Leadership and Management (PLM) is a module which… Read more →

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