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We live in a world where multiple technological revolutions are taking place at the same time. While the leaps that are taking place in the fields of computing, robotics, and biotechnology are gaining a great deal of attention, less attention is being given to a field that is just as promising. This would be the field of manufacturing, where technologies… Read more →

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Benson’s for Beds, comes the “Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt” video, which has racked up around 700,000 views. In the video, which is a lengthy single shot with no cuts, Benson’s employees form a human and mattress dominoes chain that extends throughout their entire warehouse. The video is playful, has a humorous ending, and makes Benson’s for Beds seem like… Read more →

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It is only early March and championship time is upon us already. Next Wednesday evening Ray Dempsey will be opening his account as Mayo u21 manager in Cloone under lights against Leitrim. Dempsey who has stepped up from the minor grade after three years in that job, where Mayo got to two All Ireland finals, is looking forward to his… Read more →

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The item of most concern to me is the nearly 6% increase ($2 million) in operating expenses resulting principally from personnel services. Payroll, including fringes, accounts for half of the annual budget, yet this year personnel services accounted for 97% of the increase in municipal expenditures. As a former municipal employee, I am keenly aware that concerns for the taxpayers’… Read more →

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If he doesn’t know which setup is better, then he should have said so. It’s a cheap page hit trick that I expect from Daily Tech, but not from Anandtech. For some reason, I have very high expectations here. The email, when clicked, would direct the recipient through several websites in quick succession to determine where they were located, based… Read more →

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Therefore, immunohistochemical analysis was performed on over 3000 breast tumors to investigate the relationship among expression of eIF4A1, the helicase modulating proteins eIF4B, eIF4E and PDCD4, and clinical outcome. We found eIF4A1, eIF4B and eIF4E to be independent predictors of poor outcome in ER negative disease, while in contrast, the eIF4A1 inhibitor PDCD4 was related to improved outcome in ER… Read more →

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One of Kushner main projects has been populating the leadership ranks of the Republican Party with Trump loyalists. In February 2018, he and Eric Trump installed as head of the re election effort Parscale, a lanky 43 year old digital marketing entrepreneur from San Antonio who engineered Trump targeted online ad blitz in 2016. Parscale has hired about 60 staff… Read more →

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Prosthetic efficacy and cost should be subject to rigorous review, beyond the tick and flick of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Electives, currently financed by the public purse, should be peer reviewed, and image enhancing, “just because I can”, fashion driven procedures not be recompensed. A remarkable assertion indeed! By this logic, if Western states had locked up Jews fleeing Nazi… Read more →

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While ITPA is meant to rein in trafficking, not voluntary sex work by adults, police have greater success arresting women like Savita. Traffickers are part of complex cross national webs that are nearly impossible to break, and given the evidence needed, rarely convicted. Arresting floating sex workers, however, satisfies demands from senior officers to fulfil a set quota. There was,… Read more →