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And Corbett, Yolanda and Crowther, Gregory J. And Cowan, Noemi and D TMAlessandro, Sarah and Le Dang, Na and Delves, Michael and DeRisi, Joseph L. And Du, Alan Y. Smoking risksSmoking is recognized as the leading preventable cause of death, causing or contributing to the deaths of approximately 430,700 Americans each year. Anyone with a smoking habit has an increased… Read more →

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This region formed between 3.6 and 3.4 billion years ago, when a combination of volcanic and tectonic activity in the Tharsis region triggered groundwater releases from Echus Chasma. This chasm, located in the Lunae Planum plateau, contains clay deposits that indicate the presence of liquid water at one time. This water then flooded through Kasei Valles, emptying into the Chryse… Read more →

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And Newhouse, Stephen J. And Onipinla, Abiodun and Wallace, Chris and Xue, Mingzhan and Caulfield, Mark and Farrall, Martin and Barton, Anne and Bruce, Ian N. And Donovan, Hannah and Eyre, Steve and Gilbert, Paul D. If so, we would like you to recommend these needed changes during the coming session of the General Assembly.We know that you value high… Read more →

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I argue in this chapter that given the rise in migration across Europe and the rapidly increasing multicultural dimension of primary schools, it is timely to review cultural development in languages education and reconceptualise it within a whole school interconnected approach, which draws upon children’s experiences across curriculum subjects as well as their experience outside of school. This chapter is… Read more →

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For over decade, up until two years ago, Bend resident Calvin Andrus lived the quintessential Central Oregon life. He worked construction and dreamed of ways to change careers. His first business venture was a video production company called, 4Locked Films. Libby Post, executive director of the New York State Animal Protection Federation, told “GMA” the state is moving to ban… Read more →

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Among the highest features seen on Ceres so far is a mountain about 4 miles (6 kilometers) high, which is roughly the elevation of Mount McKinley in Alaska’s Denali National Park. Vertical relief has been exaggerated by a factor of five to help understand the topography. Credits: NASA/JPL Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA/LPIThe Texas sized world is slightly smaller than previously thought. Cotton production… Read more →

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