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Two troopers, Eddie Pagan and Jay Splain, arrived at the farm that morning. They listened as Monaghan spoke with her son on speakerphone. “It was all her fault,” Ardo reportedly said. HOUSTON, Sept 12 (Reuters) Leading Democratic White House contenders Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will share the stage for the first time on Thursday when the top 10 candidates… Read more →

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Maybe the next party should be a Border Party so Americans can show their support for the rule of law. Perhaps someone in government will be watching, and decide to enforce immigratiuon laws that should protect Americans. Instead, we have a bunch of limp wrist liberal politicians and their followers who think the constitution should protect the guilty.. House Bill… Read more →

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As far as material poly carbonate is more impact resistant than normal CR 39 plastic. However, the optical clarity (abbe) is very low in poly and our practice only recommends it for children. Trivex or High Index is a better material for adults normally. They work quite well in conjunction with osmotic agents.StimulantsThese were probably the most commonly used laxatives… Read more →

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Paid Partner Content Paid Content By BrandpointDouglaston: The City Council just voted to spend $8 billion on four new jails; yet, our elected officials can’t find the funds to keep brand new playgrounds open to the community. 221 in Little Neck, Queens officially opened on Oct. 21. NEW YORK, Sept 18 (Reuters Breakingviews) The National Football League has thrown its… Read more →

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Tourette syndrome (TS) is a childhood onset neurological condition characterised by an evolving repertoire of chronic motor tics and one or more phonic tics. Tics, like habits, are inflexible and repetitive behaviours that are acquired over a period of time. Tics) more readily than is normal and make it harder to unlearn maladaptive habits once they have been acquired. Kuglin… Read more →

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Watching a Richard Kern film is akin to having your eyes replaced by endless loops of other people’s nightmares cruelly beautiful, they’re also profoundly disturbing. Kern, the New York City based filmmaker/photographer, came of age as the dark star of that city’s famed “cinema of transgression” alongside such other Lower East Side luminaries as Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch, Jim “Scraping… Read more →

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