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From the controversy over Congress Square to plans for a new waterfront park, it seems like Portland open spaces have been getting a lot of press. But there shouldn have to be breaking news for us to take note of these urban oases. So, we put together a list of Portland in town parks, along with the amenities and people… Read more →

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In this study, we apply geometric morphometrics and biomechanical modelling to the mandibles of Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic hunter gatherers and recent and living humans in order to assess if and how differences in adult form reflect subsistence strategies and so, masticatory system loading history. We show, using analyses of size and shape variation, that mandibular form in humans varies in… Read more →

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After more than three weeks of training camp and the start of preseason, Broncos fans and coaches alike have already been able to glean a lot about the team and it revamped roster. Ward and Aqib Talib. Their offensive line has shuffled around. Fire extinguishers especially crafted for home use also are a good investment, Teas said, because they can… Read more →

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Forces were already on their way to intercept Japan fleet. Planes sank four of Japan aircraft carriers and a cruiser, and downed dozens of its fighter planes. On the battle final day when it was hit by torpedoes. Love our granddaughter, her father Myron also said. Think our deepest fear is that we might not ever see her again. A… Read more →

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Grab your light saber, your spy cams, and your stealth audio recorders. Get yourself arrested, raided or shut down by the European Vitamin Police. You’ll make a difference, and you’ll make history.. A giant illuminated snake atop the LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles), which made its debut last year, flicks its tongue at Zoo Lights visitors this time around… Read more →

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A feat that most people wouldn be able to appreciate, Dr. Argyrios Stampas of TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston said of racing 26.2 miles in a wheelchair. Arm muscles are not meant to be doing a repetitive motion like that like your legs are. District 3 Councilmember John Kennedy is hosting a community meeting Thursday evening to discuss the Vons… Read more →

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