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Mark’s, when the moment of elevating the host was signalized by the bursting of a petard in the centre of the cathedral. All this, which seems of questionable utility, and worse than questionable taste, is approved by the fiercer of the Italianissimi, and though possibly the strictness of the patriotic discipline in which the members of the Committee keep their… Read more →

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18, 2018, said that nine men are facing hazing charges in connection with the death of a Florida State University fraternity pledge, Andrew Coffey, 20, who was a junior and a pledge at Pi Kappa Phi. He died Nov. 3 after he was found unresponsive after a party. Low concentration solid dielectric compound parabolic concentrator (dCPC) and its variations have… Read more →

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The supporters of SB 50 who invited Senator Wiener to speak were not about to ask him any tough questions. Wiener claimed that SB 50 would lead to apartments with some “affordable” units. In fact, the bill would empower developers to choose whether to build luxury condos for sale or expensive apartments for rent. A whole lot of fire trucks,… Read more →

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Haven we learned anything from discrimination from the past of Blacks, Native Americans, other ethnic minority groups, women, etc. When do we. As a nation, learn from our past mistakes and learn to take interest in those who are different than us? Discrimination is wrong always has been wrong is not beliefs that make someone treat another person as less… Read more →

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The FCC, for example, may simply decide to seize control over the internet at any time. The TSA could simply announce it’s going to perform body cavity searches on all air travelers starting this Saturday. The DEA could announce it’s going to arrest operators of websites that even discuss marijuana. Strength train while losing weightThe solution to all of this,… Read more →

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