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Despite being more abundant and having smaller genomes than their bacterial host, relatively few bacteriophages have had their genomes sequenced. Here, we isolated 14 bacteriophages from cattle slurry and performed de novo genome sequencing, assembly, and annotation. The commonly used marker genes polB and terL showed these bacteriophages to be closely related to members of the genus Seuratvirus. The model… Read more →

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Secondary ConditionsPremature babies have a greater risk in general of developing strabismus (a ‘squint’, leading to a risk of a ‘lazy eye’) being myopic (short sighted) or amblyopic (with reduced vision). In cases of moderate to severe ROP, glaucoma (high eye pressure) is a common complication. Other possible problems that may develop later are cataracts, corneal opacities and retinal splits… Read more →

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It stopped, there was nothing left, Morton resident Sharon Currie told WAPT TV. Was going, my God. My house is gone.’ confirmed that 14 tornadoes had touched down in Mississippi and damage from the storm system was reported in at least 24 of the state 82 counties. Taliban is still a terrorist organisation according to UN resolutions. Zalmay Khalilzad requested… Read more →

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Pluto spends all of 2015 in the constellation Sagittarius. This presents two difficulties: 1). We’re currently looking at Pluto against the very star rich backdrop towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and 2). Two major types of medical imaging that fall into the realm of nuclear medicine are PET and SPECT. The technology behind positron emission tomography (PET)… Read more →

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Part of what doomed GOALZERO was a decision overseas. Last September, China’s ban on 24 varieties of solid waste imports, which include types of plastic and unsorted paper, went into effect. And that ban was widened on April 20 with the addition of “dozens more types of recyclable materials, including steel waste, used auto parts and old ships,” according to… Read more →