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(NaturalNews) In the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster, radiation has contaminated the food and water supply and the ocean in Japan. Radioactive particles have been carried to distant lands, though no dangerous levels have been detected in other countries. During this time of possible exposure we need to protect ourselves from the toxicity of heavy metals and radiation. Christie… Read more →

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Conflict and post conflict areas often suffer several challenges regarding tourism development owing to poor infrastructure, low investment, a lack of appropriate tourism management planning, and poor implementation mechanisms. Much research has been undertaken regarding cultural tourism management issues, challenges and sustainability, yet there is a lack of knowledge on how post conflict issues affect cultural tourism planning and management.… Read more →

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His partner is seen shielding the officer making the arrest in an attempt to protect him from further attacks. The arrest was completed when a third officer arrived. “I fully support the police actions,” Inspector Stynes said. Wherever possible, try to negotiate take back agreements with suppliers, whereby the suppliers accept and dispose of pharmaceuticals that you cannot use. The… Read more →

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During the 1950s, a moral panic around youth culture and delinquency dominated the contemporary imagination. Rock n’ roll and the new wave of youth focused films seemed to critics to posit an alternative culture antagonistic to that of older generations. One cultural form sparked particular censorious intent: the horror comic book. While the remediation efficiency of sunflower species was proportional… Read more →

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The effect of biochar addition on the levels of black carbon (BC) and polcyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a vineyard soil in central Italy was investigated within a two year period. Hydropyrolysis (HyPy) was used to determine the contents of BC (BCHyPy) in the amended and control soils while the hydrocarbon composition of the semi labile (non BCHyPy) fraction released… Read more →

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In addition, the CAM was unable to accurately distinguish between the groups. An exploratory cluster analysis revealed differential patterns of ToM impairment and preservation within the sample of stroke survivors. These findings suggest studies that have attempted to tap social perceptual ToM through artificial tasks and/or static stimuli may be overestimating the deficits observed within stroke samples, and tentatively points… Read more →

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