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The paper also shows that premature disposal can occur once a product becomes dirty and visually damaged, and whilst functional, is perceived to be less effective. Solutions to premature disposal were explored through the co creation of design concepts and design features were tested via an online survey.Vacuum cleaner users were clustered into four cleaner types; Spartan, Minimal, Caring and… Read more →

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But the government continues to insist that facts that are known and discussed throughout the world are still somehow classified. Had been a NSA contractor and CIA employee before he leaked a large cache of documents on American intelligence operations to the media about surveillance programs that gathered information from major tech companies, as well as a program that tracked… Read more →

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Candidate motifs identified geometrically may be further screened symbolically to identify those that contain particular basepair types or base stacking arrangements or that conform to sequence continuity or nucleotide identity constraints. Purely symbolic searches for motifs containing user defined sequence, continuity and interaction constraints have also been implemented. We demonstrate that FR3D finds all occurrences, both local and composite and… Read more →

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And in this way, they are generating profits from death and destruction. More bombs = more profit for investors. Sad, but true.. For now, they’ve all convinced themselves that electrons are get this tiny “particles” flying around atomic nuclei and tremendous speeds which just happen to stay in their little orbits like little perpetual motion machines (which they say are… Read more →

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Features hospital grade suction and customizable tubing lengths for convenience. “Some moms find that they can empty their breasts faster with a manual pump than with an electric pump. They are also great to throw in your purse!” Compact and easy to carry, this handy Medela Harmony Breast Pump features Medela patented two phase expression to simulate baby nursing pattern.… Read more →

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“Astronomy for me was not a childhood hobby,” Carole admits, “but my parents were very supportive of my learning. My father, a biomedical scientist, encouraged my brother and me to do simple experiments such as growing salt crystals, testing for acids or alkalines, doing chromotography using blotting paper and ink. We were learning about the scientific method without realising it.”.… Read more →

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