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Examination of the sample using X ray computed tomography and scanning electron microscopy revealed the existence of both micro and nano scale pores within the structure. Pinning effect, residual surface temperature, insufficient droplet overlap and surface defects were the key factors contributing to the voids. Elemental mapping confirmed the structure to be composed of 87% of silver along with carbon… Read more →

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The model is built based on verified structures for rework cycle and resource allocation as the platform for the model, and becomes more specific for the purpose of this research by adding structures related to the iteration cycles, number of initial concepts, and effect of project type. After passing the standard system dynamics validation tests, the model is calibrated using… Read more →

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Climate change and ocean acidification, as well as sea level rise and melting ice caps all very important issues that will continue to affect our daily weather patterns here on earth, and definitely both Presidential candidates should be asked to address how would they deal with this and what they would do to mitigate the ever growing problems associated with… Read more →

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The nature of transient protein complexes can range from a highly dynamic ensemble of orientations to a single well defined state. This represents variation in the equilibrium between the encounter and final, functional state. The transient complex between plastocyanin (Pc) and cytochrome f (cyt of the cyanobacterium Prochlorothrix hollandica was characterized by NMR spectroscopy. Homeowners 16 WAPT News spoke to… Read more →

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We know AMD is planning Navi and Arcturus after it. Having multiple things on roadmap does not automatically make things vapourware. Also, I think their GPU is going to fail spectacularly. Roleplay doesn necessarily have anything to do with your class. Like I said, my Rogue is a lizardfolk who likes to grapple people. Extremely unconventional for a Rogue, but… Read more →

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