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Under the Bush administration, the pharmaceutical industry has done extremely well in terms of boosting sales and generating profits. And it looks like the Bush administration is determined to continue the drugging of America, no matter what the cost to American taxpayers. They won’t stop, it seems, until every American is dosed up on a dozen simultaneous prescriptions that generate… Read more →

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Troops overseas, has named Memphis based cartoonist Greg Cravens to their incoming board of directors. The decision comes after Greg was the local coordinator of an NCS/St. Jude event last May. Moore denounced the lack of government oversight that led to the spill. “They didn’t inspect the tanks that these chemicals were stored in since 1991. Why not? I thought… Read more →

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Meetings for the sake of meetings can be a real drag on an organization time and efficiency. When meetings are necessary, make them short and sweet to the extent possible. When in person meetings are replaced with online collaboration, the team members who would benefit least from in person meetings can focus on more productive efforts. In the two year… Read more →

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The results showed that a HMF yield of 20 mol% was achieved at 7.5 and 20 min in the PC/H2O and GVL/H2O (1:1 v/v) systems, respectively, implying that the tandem reactions (starch hydrolysis, glucose isomerisation, and fructose dehydration) were efficient. In comparison, the utilisation of glucose (47 59 mol% from bread starch within 10 min) appeared as the rate limiting… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn this paper, we review the major findings of almost thirty years of research conducted on the large colony of Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata fuscata) housed at the Rome zoo. The colony originated from a group of 27 monkeys that was taken as a whole in 1977 from Takasakyiama, Oita prefecture, Japan. Since then, the group has… Read more →

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The policy, which was introduced under Stanford’s last GUP in 2000, has been the county’s strongest tool to ensure Stanford’s growth would not result in overwhelming traffic. It has spurred Stanford to, among other things, expand its Marguerite shuttle program, increase parking fees and introduce car and ride share programs. As a result, Stanford’s rate of solo drivers has dropped… Read more →

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Looking back at these cases can provide relevant knowledge in assessing the role of the contemporary topic of cultural exception in the current trade negotiations. However, the 21st century has provided new elements that make this situation one of a kind. This presentation will thus provide current examples of Frances cultural exception as specific attempts to resist American influence are… Read more →