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The teacher name was Mr. Adams, and he was excellent. He recognized that I was able to pick up the material a lot faster than my classmates, and took advantage of it to help bring them along. Very interesting excursion into grand areas of philosophical exploration. Much appreciated. At some point the data science collects needs to be put to… Read more →

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T., Churchill, R., Watanabe, N., Nakagawa, A., Omori, I. M. Geddes, J. Green lenses block out some blue light, causing all colors to become sharper and better defined. Designer sunglasses are also always made from higher quality materials than cheap sunglasses, and are durable yet lightweight. The also generally have scratch resistant lenses that will keep their new look for… Read more →

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The box the MSI GE72VR laptop ships in is pretty standard fare. It offers decent protection and is covered in a great deal of information and marketing speak. The front comes with a nice bold red MSI dragon and a prominently displayed VR ready logo. A police officer tries to remove a protester’s Donald Trump mask during a march in… Read more →

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However, due to the large number of sensors in the environment, sensor data are often complex and difficult to interpret, especially to capture behaviour trends and to detect changes over the long term. In this paper, a model to predict the indoor mobility using binary sensors is proposed. The model utilizes weekly routine to predict the future trend. Thanks for… Read more →

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In comparison to other sectors of the marine system, the palaeoceanography of the subarctic North Pacific Ocean is poorly constrained. New diatom isotope records of 13C, 18O 30Si (13Cdiatom, 18Odiatom and 30Sidiatom) are presented alongside existing geochemical and isotope records to document changes in photic zone conditions, including nutrient supply and the efficiency of the soft tissue biological pump, between… Read more →

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