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And Silman, Miles R. And Jrgensen, Peter Mller and Pennington, Toby and Di Fiore, Anthony and Valverde, Fernando Cornejo and Phillips, Juan Fernando and Rivas Torres, Gonzalo and von Hildebrand, Patricio and van Andel, Tinde R. And Ruschel, Ademir R. But remember that the Earth orbits around the Sun. Every day, the Sun moves compared to the background stars by… Read more →

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The album’s integration of soul and country challenged racial barriers in popular music at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. In the process of recording the album, Charles became one of the first African American musicians to exercise complete artistic control over his own recording career. In retrospect, it has been considered by critics as his best studio record… Read more →

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Council Member Kennedy’s lonely voice in 2013 was finally heard last summer when the City Council unanimously adopted a resolution appropriating $50,000 to hire consultants to give it advice on which form of police oversight is most appropriate for Pasadena. Over three days in January, the consultants got input for their study from the police unions, CICOPP, City Council Members,… Read more →

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After the news came out Thursday night, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia quickly accused Trump of crossing red line that should be met forcibly by lawmakers to protect the Constitution. Warner is the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee. Many of the recommendations were considered achievable, such as improved format and use of the electronic fit note, completion… Read more →

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This slab of rock from Southern China shows the Permian Triassic boundary. The bottom is pre extinction limestone and the top is microbial limestone deposited after the Earth’s worst extinction. Image Credit: Jonathan Payne/Stanford UniversityThe researchers combined climate modelling with the fossil record to come to their conclusion. The symphonies are massive affairs, with the exception of the 4th, which… Read more →

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Organisational factors such as the ideology of a rebel group, the occurrence of leadership divisions, the level of fractionalisation within a rebel group’s population base, the existence of external support and the number of competing rebel factions determine whether non violent strategies to secure support are available or whether rebels can only rely on violent means to enforce support. I… Read more →

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KPa. A new technique involving cytochalasin B treatment was used to disrupt the intracellular force generating actin fibers, and consequently the biaxial strain in the LC induced by the cells was determined. Due to the improved sensitivity and spatial resolution (1m) of the LC based CTF transducer, a wide range of CTFs was determined (10 120. Republican Gabriel Gomez faces… Read more →