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Understanding how wild immune variation covaries with other traits can reveal how costs and trade offs shape immune evolution in the wild. Divergent life history strategies may increase or alleviate immune costs, helping shape immune variation in a consistent, testable way. Contrasting hypotheses suggest that shorter life histories may alleviate costs by offsetting them against increased mortality, or increase the… Read more →

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Large amounts of data are generated by the real time monitoring system, and automated data mining tools are then required to process this data accurately and quickly. Particularly, if an unexpected behaviour of the tunnel is identified, decision makers need to know: i) activities at the worksite at the time of movement occurring; ii) the predicted behaviour of the tunnel… Read more →

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First, a history lesson. As part of the settlement that ended the lengthy offseason lockout in 2011, the NFL Players Association agreed to continue giving Goodell wide discretion over player discipline (a move that is surely regretted now). In turn, the league agreed to the NFLPA insistence that players arrested for any crimes during the lockout wouldn face discipline from… Read more →

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Officers from the Emergency Service Section and the Hostage Negotiation Team responded and negotiators were able to get Jose Rodriguez III to release his two children that were in the apartment with him. Sometime later, while Rodriguez was still in the apartment, he fired multiple rounds from a rifle at Emergency Services officers. No officers were injured and multiple bullets… Read more →

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The civilian RIF procedures are conducted through a very detailed, systematic process that protects the rights of federal employees. Many benefits and programs are available to assist those employees whose positions are being eliminated. There may be opportunities for early retirements or incentive for those employees interested, but there will also be aggressive efforts to place every employee who wants… Read more →

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