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It’s OK. We’ll do it another time/tomorrow/later tonight.” “Come here honey, I love you. You know we won’t die if we don’t have intercourse every time one of us wants it. I commend Attorney General Bondi and her team for their work to present the state case, and I will continue to work with her to protect Floridians from this… Read more →

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The student will learn by using the same and going through the same process that astronomers do. The activities could involve things like measuring the position of an asteroid as it moves against the background stars, or measuring the change in brightness of a variable star. Eventually, I could upload raw images that I’ve taken at the telescope and students… Read more →

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Although the report hesitates to draw a definite connection between this lack of access and the consequences, it does remark that, for example, the death rate for breast cancer a disease which early detection can abate is double for Latina women than the rest of the population. Two years ago, Dunn proposed that everything from pediatric care to support services… Read more →

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We went into The Dungeon of the Mad Mage after Dragon Heist. Mostly they are motivated by backstory reasons to delve deeper into the dungeon. One of them is looking for a spellbook on level 6. Given international concerns about students TM pursuit (or more correctly, non pursuit) of courses and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), this… Read more →

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Here, we used live 3D confocal imaging to monitor cell organization and identity acquisition during LR development. Our dynamic observations revealed an early morphogenesis phase and a late meristem formation phase as proposed in the bi phasic growth model described by Sussex and co workers. LR QC establishment coincided with this developmental phase transition. Antennae Galaxies NGC 4038, NGC 4039.… Read more →

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