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The student will learn by using the same and going through the same process that astronomers do. The activities could involve things like measuring the position of an asteroid as it moves against the background stars, or measuring the change in brightness of a variable star. Eventually, I could upload raw images that I’ve taken at the telescope and students… Read more →

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It’s OK. We’ll do it another time/tomorrow/later tonight.” “Come here honey, I love you. You know we won’t die if we don’t have intercourse every time one of us wants it. I commend Attorney General Bondi and her team for their work to present the state case, and I will continue to work with her to protect Floridians from this… Read more →

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Until I get there, there always growth. Is battling for playing time with LaRon Byrd and Aldarius Johnson, who are both coming off subpar seasons. Johnson has the added burden of being one of the players implicated by former booster Nevin Shapiro as having accepted impermissible benefits.It isn a stretch to say that no receiver on UM roster has Streeter… Read more →

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The model is developed using a discrete event simulation technique. Its framework includes modules for assigning the disruption to the network components, predicting the network vulnerability, in terms of passenger delays and journey cancellations, and calculating the risk based criticality of network components. Finally, an example application of the model is presented using a part of the East Midland railway… Read more →

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However, PET is important because it provides information that cannot be obtained by other means. By labeling the blood with 11C carbon monoxide, which binds to hemoglobin, images can be obtained showing the regional perfusion of an organ in multiple planes. By using labeled metabolites, images can be obtained showing metabolic activity of an organ. Medina Bardhi, who said she… Read more →