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MetaChem supports different levels of description, and has a formal description; we illustrate these using StringCatChem, a toy artificial chemistry. We describe two existing Artificial Chemistries Jordan Algebra AChem and Swarm Chemistries in MetaChem, and demonstrate how they can be combined in several different configurations by using a MetaChem environmental link. MetaChem provides a route to standardisation, reuse, and composition… Read more →

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I have often explored these themes within my creative work, drawing on methods from Theatre of the Oppressed in particular. Last year, I also expanded my stage training with Colorado’s own burlesque super troupe at the Peaks and Pasties Academy of Burlesque. Peaks and Pasties has provided a unique platform to explore the foundations of “gender euphoria” including sex and… Read more →

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To this end, we engineered several modular Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis whole cell based biosensors which incorporate an interchangeable protease recognition motif into their designs. Herein, we describe how several of our engineered biosensors have been applied to detect the presence and activity of elastase, an enzyme released by the cercarial larvae stage of Schistosoma mansoni. Collectively, S. Contrast… Read more →

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