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Votes came after Sen. Chris Murphy, D Conn., led a near 15 hour filibuster last week demanding a Senate response to the Orlando killings. Murphy entered the Senate shortly after the December 2012 massacre of 20 first graders and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut, but that slaughter and others have failed to spur Congress to tighten gun curbs. S. 79… Read more →

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The GB124 phages were bioaccumulated to the highest concentration inM. Edulis(1.88 log10) andC. Gigas(1.27 log10) after 24hrs. Several pilot programs have shown that US consumers want to recycle if it’s convenient and inexpensive. And computermakers Dell and Hewlett Packard now offer “end of life” return programs for many of their products. That kind of “extended producer responsibility” is an idea… Read more →

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“Her great great grandfather’s address was Fort Ward,” Lewis said of Mackey. Williams have similar connections to the area and several of them share common relatives. Six households descend from the Wanzer family, including Mackey, and several others trace back to the Terrell family, including Frances Colbert Terrell, president of the Seminary Civic Association. M. Eloquin s’attend ainsi ce que… Read more →

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Many, many books have been written about adoption over the years, forming a veritable genre of their own; but these are usually memoirs. Given such a bumper crop of personal experiences, I wondered: Why would anyone want to write a novel about adoption? But after reading Judy Sheehan’s perceptive, moving, and often comic And Baby Makes Two, I dropped my… Read more →

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We pay attention to the possibility that each new degree of freedom may have stochastically independent initial conditions, generating different types of potential well in the early universe and breaking complete correlation between density and velocity power spectra. This stochastic bias TM can confuse schemes to parametrize the predictions of modified gravity models, such as the use of the growth… Read more →

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Starring alongside a comparatively young Richard Attenborough, Joan played the part of his mother in a film which examined Britain’s class system at the time through the metaphor of the public school. Her film career continued with appearances in Seven Days to Noon in 1950 and The 39 Steps in 1959. She also appeared in the television series Our Man… Read more →

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