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(1833)Dr. William Beaumont, an army surgeon physician, pioneers gastric medicine with his study of a patient with a permanently open gunshot wound to the abdomen and writes a human medical experimentation code that asserts the importance of experimental treatments, but also lists requirements stipulating that human subjects must give voluntary, informed consent and be able to end the experiment when… Read more →

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The final quote explains Deep Space Atomic Clock will fly on the Orbital Test Bed Satellite, which launches on the SpaceX Heavy Falcon rocket with around two dozen satellites from government, military and research institutions. The delay in sending and receiving that signal over the thousands and even millions of miles away would not be accurate enough. If the test… Read more →

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E., Keseru, G. M., van Muijlwijk Koezen, J. De Esch, I. In American and even global politics is like one burying ones head in the sand.Conservatism, a la Trump is not “growing” within my community, not from what I can see. “Best” is subjective and relative, depending on what is most important to you. I have preferences, balancing the negatives… Read more →

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The aim of this study was to provide an overview of studies in which the impact of the 2008 economic crisis on child health was reported. Structured searches of PubMed, and ISI Web of Knowledge, were conducted. Quantitative and qualitative studies reporting health outcomes on children, published since 2007 and related to the 2008 economic crisis were included. Star 26… Read more →

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Road Surface Monitoring (RSM) is the process of detecting the distress on paved or unpaved road surfaces. The primary aim of this process is to detect any distress (such as road surface cracks) at early stages in order to apply maintenance on time. Early detection of road cracks can assist maintenance before the repair costs becomes too high. After applauding… Read more →

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What causes volcanoes to go extinct? Simply put, they’re cut off from their supply of lava. This is where a chamber of magma underneath the surface of the Earth finds its way to the surface through weaknesses in the crust. A good example of this is the hotspot that created the chain of Hawaiian Islands. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis article… Read more →

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New York, NY March 3, 2014 Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the Community Overdose Prevention (COP) program, which will enable every state and local law enforcement officer in the state of New York to carry naloxone, the extremely effective heroin antidote that can instantly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. COP will provide funding to equip each… Read more →

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Among these, WildScope devices integrate GPS based telemetry within fully distributed networks, allowing contact triggered GPS location acquisition. In this way, the ecological context in which contacts occur can be assessed. We evaluated the performance of WildScope in close to real settings, whilst controlling for movement of loggers and obstacles, performing eld trials that simulated: (1) dierent scenarios of encounters… Read more →

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