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Over their four years, KCOS’ radio format has been greatly expanded, allowing listeners to dive into a variety of genres. Along with the aforementioned Beat Goes On live broadcasts, which run the entire musical spectrum, you can hear 24 hours of blues on Sundays, and late night weeknight programming features the heavier regional offerings through the Colorado Metal Shop. The… Read more →

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Breaking degree courses up into smaller, modularised units of study has offered students flexibility and cross disciplinarity in their learning paths and has been widely taken up within the UK university system since first appearing in the 1960s. Deconstruction subjects into constituent components can however be problematic for holistic subjects requiring students to reconstruct these modules back into successful whole… Read more →

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It’s not just pets officers worry about. They deal with humans just as often, and they aren’t always happy with uniformed officers telling them how to treat their animal, Wilson said. She is lobbying the police department for self defense training and certification with pepper spray, but members of the APD, which certifies officers, believes training animal control officers is… Read more →

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Shortly after the school day ended at the prestigious and historic Boston Latin School on Monday, US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz reported that a comprehensive civil rights investigation at the school had found an environment of racial discrimination and bullying that was not correctly addressed by staff. At least one violation of the federal Civil Rights Act was determined to… Read more →

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According to “Food Fight,” the company “announced a change in school contracts and has created ‘Project Mother,’ a program to develop dairy and fortified nutritional drinks for children and teenagers. Opponents to cow’s milk consumption say that Project Mother still does not adequately address children’s health care concerns. For more information on the dangers associated with cow’s milk consumption, explore… Read more →