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K., Owen, S., Pierce, T. E., Puxbaum, H., Shearer, M., Skiba, U., Steinbrecher, R., Tarrason, L. Oquist, M. Evaluation and mitigation of enteric methane (CH4) emissions from ruminant livestock, in particular from dairy cows, have acquired global importance for sustainable, climate smart cattle production. Based on CH4 reference measurements obtained with the SF6 tracer technique to determine ruminal CH4 production,… Read more →

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Qatar’s media propaganda arm has led the way in branding the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” as representing an anti Muslim strategy. But it’s not. Trump has made it clear he will work with many of the Muslim and Arab world’s moderate leadership and that he distinguishes between moderate Islam and religious fanatics who distort the fundamentals of Islam.. 2002 VE68… Read more →

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Despite their opinions and experience, a city like ours is replete with people of differing political persuasions working together in businesses, non profit boards, charitable events, education and health efforts, and community celebrations. The remarkable response to the Woodman Avenue explosion was, at its base, a delightful riot of community compassion that drew from every political stripe without any definition.… Read more →

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So the Tc attached to the HDP becomes attached to the bones. In a normal, healthy individual the distribution will be even with a slight increase around the joints. Problems, however, cause increased blood flow and/or increased rate of bone replacement. She also shared some light on why Shatrughan, a two time union minister, left the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)… Read more →

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I have since witnessed a US Congress that does not serve the American people. In this “do nothing” Congress, the Republican Party fights theological and ideological battles that have no place in 21stcentury politics. As Americans, we must agree not to infringe upon the freedom of others. Ball reported that Travis County, like some other large counties, is suffering from… Read more →

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Mike Lee and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Cruzcovered everything from constitutional law to Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Everyone reading this is aware that the practice of law is a business as much as it is anything else. That neither good nor bad, it is just a fact. Everyone with a television, radio, internet connectivity, who gets the newspaper,… Read more →

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His father was a bank manager. Slowly but surely he is now taking bigger strides in Bollywood. He completed his graduation from Guru Nanak College. Corals “bleach” when they become over stressed. This usually occurs in the wake of uncharacteristically warm temperatures in coral habitat or sudden spikes in ocean acidification and causes the unique animals to expel the algae… Read more →