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Wheat straw induced an enzyme cocktail that saccharified wheat straw to a greater extent than willow. Genes not encoding CAZymes were also induced on willow such as hydrophobins as well as genes of unknown function. Several genes were identified as promising targets for future study.Conclusions: By comparing this first study of the global transcriptional response of a fungus to willow… Read more →

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Senior nursing students who had cared for cancer patients were recruited to participate in focus group interviews. These semi structured interviews were recorded and transcribed for content analysis. Among the 45 participants, about 36% of them never received any communication training. This marks the biggest gap between the two candidates in five ABC News/Washington Post polls that asked the question,… Read more →

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A perfect example are the nuclear tunnel boring machines which have been involved in many projects. There was talks of their existence in the 1970s but they were always dismissed as fake until the early 2000s. Sadly the biggest problem in the USA today remains that disclosure is often generally tied to national security therefore most of the juiciest tidbits… Read more →

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I might go cycling, swimming, jogging or even walking. Sometimes I climb stairs, other times I do gymnastics. I might engage in strength training, or even play frisbee at the local park. Monday morning. Since dawn begins about 5, you’ll have one good hour. That’s plenty of time to snag at least a few flaming motes of Comet Thatcher.. “We… Read more →

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