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Capitol, Area 10 (1st St. House side)Testimonies of 15 men and women who have left LGBTQ including:Angel Colon, Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor, shot 6 times (Span.)Luis Ruiz, Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor, trampled (Span.)KathyGrace Duncan, detransitioned, having lived as a man 11 yearsKevin Whitt, detransitioned, former drag queenCHANGED Movement is a network of men and women who have left… Read more →

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In the in vitro settings, this study has shown that IL 1, with macrophages as the main producer, could regulate tumour cell invasion especially to the lymphatic circulation. This project has yielded some important results towards understanding of the lymphatic vasculature and modulation of lymphatic vessel invasion. However, more studies are needed to enable translation of research into clinical management… Read more →

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A girl is comforted upon seeing the sealed coffin of her relative at a damaged public market which now serves as a makeshift mortuary for typhoon Bopha victims at New Bataan township, Compostela Valley in southern Philippines Saturday Dec. 8, 2012. Search and rescue operations following typhoon Bopha that killed nearly 600 people in the southern Philippines have been hampered… Read more →

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Credit: NASA/JPL Caltech/AmesBut as he explained in a recent NASA press release, the findings simply didn’t measure up:”We’ve been particularly struck with the absence of carbonate minerals in sedimentary rock the rover has examined. It would be really hard to get liquid water even if there were a hundred times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than what the mineral… Read more →

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We show that imbalanced plasticity corresponds to imposing a regularising constraint on the L1 norm of the synaptic weight vector, a procedure that is well known to induce sparseness. Imbalanced plasticity is biophysically plausible and leads to more efficient synaptic configurations than a previously suggested approach that prunes synapses after learning. Our framework gives a novel interpretation to the high… Read more →

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Young stars have a disk of gas and dust around them called a protoplanetary disk. Out of this disk planets are formed, and the presence of water ice in the disc affects where different types of planets form. Credit: NASA/JPL CaltechFrom this collapse, pockets of dust and gas began to collect into denser regions. Unfortunately the first two generations of… Read more →