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On effleure heureusement certaines de ces rvolutions. On commence, timidement, revoir le rle respectif des professions de la sant, et donc le rle traditionnel des mdecins. Ce n’est pas rien. Let’s face it: There usually aren’t enough hours in the day. And buying yourself some time by staying up late or getting up early may sound like a solution. But… Read more →

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There has been one documented case of anaphylactic reaction to inulin. As it permeates the food supply, there will likely be more and more reports of allergy and/or intolerance to inulin/FOS. Symptoms of intolerance usually include flatulence, bloating, cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rarely, constipation. The specific charge wasn’t disclosed, but a report says the Kingdom treats such incidents as… Read more →

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We were critical of both sides of politics particularly more liberal on social issues than the Coalition, more conservative on economic ones than Labor. It went without saying Canberra also had a much higher proportion than average of ABC listeners. And the more likely that a person was a listener, the more likely they were a regular, serious and critical… Read more →

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The aggregation of multiple information sources has a long history and ranges from sensor fusion to the aggregation of individual algorithm outputs and human knowledge. A normal, monotone capacity). In practice, the discrete FI aggregates information contributed by a discrete number of sources through a weighted aggregation (post sorting), where the weights are captured by a FM that models the… Read more →

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