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For over fifty years, scientists have theorized that roughly 85% of matter in the Universe is made up of a mysterious, invisible mass. Since then, multiple observation campaigns have indirectly witnessed the effects that this Matter has on the Universe. Unfortunately, all attempts to detect it so far have failed, leading scientists to propose some very interesting theories about its nature..

Plastic is the most common type of marine debris worldwide, and comprises up to 90% of floating marine debris. Unfortunately, banning plastic bags would not be enough to stop the whole problem. Next time you stroll through the grocery store, take note of how many items are wrapped in some sort of plastic container or perhaps it would be easier to look for the things that are not..

White, B. Brennan, S. Allan B. That means 29,000 people got cancer simply because they got the scan. There’s also the fact that scans sometimes cause false alarms that lead to needless anxiety and further testing that subjects patients to even more radiation.Although these tests do have the power to catch problems before they grow, they can also create their own set of issues. That’s why it’s extremely important for each patient to be aware of the risks these tests can cause and weigh the potential benefits against the possible ramifications before getting an imaging scan.Sources for this article include:Using proton pump inhibitors could increase your chances of developing liver cancer by 80%Genetically modified, aborted human fetal cells are engineered to cause cancer, then inserted into children vaccinesVaccines found to be deliberately formulated with hundreds of cancer genes to ensure repeat business for Big PharmaGrocery stores and pharmacies are KILLING people with nitrosaminesMEDICAL HORROR: Genetic sequencing of common vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted human baby complete individual genome with abnormal, modified genes 560 genes linked to cancerPopular heartburn drug may have given millions of people cancer, found contaminated with cancer chemicalDrink moderately: Drinking a bottle of wine is like smoking 10 cigarettes, claims cancer risk studyFukushima: Storage tanks are full, radioactive waste to be dumped straight into the ocean5G drones to blanket the nation, beaming down cancer causing radiation from the skies and there nowhere they can find you.

Research into child and family social work has largely stopped short of getting close enough to practice to produce understandings of what goes on between social workers and service users. This is despite the known problems in social worker engagement with children in cases where they have died. This paper outlines and analyses the methods used in a study of social work encounters with children and families on home visits where there were child protection concerns.

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