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“Titan offers abundant complex organics on the surface of a water ice dominated ocean world, making it an ideal destination to study prebiotic chemistry and to document the habitability of an extraterrestrial environment. Because Titan’s atmosphere obscures the surface at many wavelengths, we have limited information about the materials that make up the surface and how they’re processed. By making detailed surface composition measurements in multiple locations, Dragonfly would reveal what the surface is made of and how far prebiotic chemistry has progressed in environments that provide known key ingredients for life, identifying the chemical building blocks available and processes at work to produce biologically relevant compounds.”.

All unit, intermediate, transport packages and unit loads shall be marked and bar coded for delivery to the GSA DEPOT and MILITARY ACTIVITIES shall be in accordance with the latest version of MIL STD 129, “Military Marking For Shipment and Storage”. “Latest version” is defined as the version in effect on the date of bid submittal. Federal Standards and Military Standards can be accessed on line via the Defense Logistics Agency’s “Assist” Quicksearch web site:NOTICE: All Pallets transported / Shipped to the GSA Depot MUST be HEAT TREATED and marked IAW IIPC.

WolfePatrick C. BrennanPublication detailsTitle of host publication14th International Workshop on Breast Imaging (IWBI 2018)DatePublished 6 Jul 2018PublisherSPIEVolume10718Original languageEnglishISBN (Electronic)9781510620070AbstractCan radiologists distinguish prior mammograms with no overt signs of cancer from women who were later diagnosed with breast cancer from the prior mammograms of women reported as normal and subsequently confirmed to be cancerfree? Twenty three radiologists and breast physicians viewed 200 craniocaudial mammograms for a half second and rated whether the woman would be recalled on a scale of 0 (clearly normal) to 100 (clearly abnormal). The dataset included five categories of mammograms, with each category containing 40 cases.

However, others develop painful fluid filled lesions in the genital area that become painful ulcers before eventually crusting over. These are treated with an antiviral such as acyclovir. The lesions will recur a few times each year, but the individual will spend most of the time free of ulcers, despite still being infective during these symptom free periods.In HIV, a different, ‘atypical’ form of genital herpes occurs.

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