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Third, Amtrak plans to implement a new In Service Track Failure asset management initiative. The new plan will shift the maintenance philosophy from a condition based inspection and replacement strategy to one that focuses on pre emptive replacement and maintenance. In other words, the new program will prioritize fixing infrastructure that is at the end or past its useful life before it breaks, rather than after, which will reduce delays caused by the need to fix outages during peak travel times.

Today is Texas Muslim Capital Day in Austin. The House is in recess until Monday. Most Members including myself are back in District. Scanning the past millennia of human achievement reveals just how much has been achieved during the last three hundred years since Newton set in motion the effective mathematization of Nature. We found that the world is curiously adapted to a simple mathematical description. It is enigma enough that the world is described by mathematics; but by simple mathematics, of the sort that a few years energetic study now produces familiarity with, this is an enigma within and enigma..

In the 51st minute Shea sprinted past Kosuke Kimura and crossed a ball perfectly to Scott Sealy who slammed it past Perkins for his second goal of the season. Sealy ran through the box virtually unmarked as defender David Horst got caught being lazy. The familiar feeling of an oncoming loss washed over Timbers fans but hopes would turn less than a minute later..

It not that the methodology doesn make sense, it just seems like it only sufficient to show a statistical correlation, rather than causation. If you can show a clear difference between before/after with all those small “experiments”, all you done is show that there is a difference between before/after, not what mechanism is acting in between to cause that difference or change. You can certainly figure out some interesting statistics and show that there is a correlation between mental health and temperature, but you cannot show what the mechanism causing that correlation is unless you run a tightly controlled scientific experiment.

Spiral arms are common features in low redshift disc galaxies, and are prominent sites of star formation and dust obscuration. However, spiral structure can take many forms: from galaxies displaying two strong grand design TM arms to those with many flocculent TM arms. We investigate how these different arm types are related to a galaxy’s star formation and gas properties by making use of visual spiral arm number measurements from Galaxy Zoo 2.

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