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This of course brings me back to one of my pet subjects, the lack of fitness for purpose in our system of education particularly when it comes to matters of ethics and governance. I still recall the reaction of one my colleagues, a veteran economist and observer of human affairs, during a discussion concerning the need to teach ethics in business schools. After listening to the debate for some time he rose to his feet and thundered, “If we have reached the point where we need to teach ethical behavior to MBA students, then the world is in a bad way indeed.” Well, here we are.

When we put our differences aside and we declared war on the people that harmed us. It made me feel amazing. It made me feel patriotic, it made me feel strong, it made me love this country in a way that in all my years I’d never really loved. The current study aimed to evaluate the factors which may explain the greater effectiveness of SDS compared to Treatment as Usual (TAU) by exploring the experience of the RCT participants .Methods. Qualitative audiotaped and transcribed semi structured interviews were conducted 12 18 months after baseline with 21 service users (12 SDS, 9 TAU arms) drawn from all three sites. Inductive thematic analysis using a grounded approach contrasted the experiences of SDS with TAU participants.Results.

A multidimensional stakeholder approach is employed. The findings from seven data rich, semi structuredinterviews with different stakeholders highlight project financing, time management and human resources management central to successful project management practice in Lebanon. While the respondents make frequent references to the unique context in Lebanon our analysis reveals more similarities than differences with the universalist best practice literature on project management.

The lifting of the driving ban was presented in 2017 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (commonly referred to by his nickname, MBS) as part of a sweeping initiative to modernize and diversify the economy away from a heavy reliance on oil. In order to attract foreign investment, the idea was to align some part of Saudi society with the rest of the world. It was hailed by Saudi rulers and much of the rest of the world as a great feminist leap forward..

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