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They’ll pass your call through as quickly as humanly possible. Sometimes it might take a while if the ambulance service in whichever area you are in is experiencing a high volume of calls (which can be a regular occurrence). Once you’re through to the relevant service, the operator will pass your telephone number to the call handler.

M., Pasley, J., Ridgers, C. P. Luo, W., 26 Mar 2018Article in New Journal of PhysicsOptimal joint measurements of complementary observables by a single trapped ionBusch, P., Xiong, T. Details of the May 7 Brian McIntosh Day have been released by the Bowls Committee and invitations are being extended to all Clubs in the Zone to encourage full greens for the event. Prizemoney of $1,500 will be on offer with just $10 per player required to participate and this will include lunch. We are looking forward to the involvement of the Honourable Paul Toole MP, Member for Bathurst, to formally open the refurbished Brian McIntosh Green and for the Club to extend its thanks to the Minister for his Government’s support of the Club’s development activities through various grant programs.

And Husemoen, L. N. N. A gun was once found.Marine scientists like him, planners and government officials say millions of mollusks planted in waters off New York and other cities could go a long way toward cleaning up America’s polluted urban environment. The oyster and other shellfish can slurp up toxins and eliminate decades of dirt.Landscape architect Kate Orff has a name for the work she does at her Scape firm: Oyster tecture. Orff is designing a park and a living reef for the mouth of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, where oysters could take hold and help filter one of the nation’s most polluted waterways.”My new hero is the oyster, with its biological power,” Orff says.Oyster tecture is a 21st century approach to creating new waterfront infrastructures where long gone shellfish can be brought back.Construction has begun on a new pier area that is to host Orff’s reef.

Video:New Jersey governor Chris Christie is fighting for his political life after a scandal involving a traffic jam was linked to his office. Eric Sorensen reports. New Jersey Republican Gov. AMD “Zen 3” microarchitecture could be designed for the enhanced 7 nm+ EUV (extreme ultraviolet) silicon fabrication node at TSMC, which promises a significant 20 percent increase in transistor densities compared to the 7 nm DUV (deep ultraviolet) node on which its “Zen 2” processors are being built. In addition, the node will also reduce power consumption by up to 10 percent at the same operational load. In a late 2018 interview, CTO Mark Papermaster stated AMD’s design goal with “Zen 3” would be to prioritize energy efficiency, and that it would present “modest” performance improvements (read: IPC improvements) over “Zen 2.” AMD made it clear that it won’t drag 7 nm DUV over more than one microarchitecture (Zen 2), and that “Zen 3” will debut in 2020 on 7 nm+ EUV..

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