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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn recent years, there has been an increasing focus by animal welfare scientists and veterinarians on the assessment of quality of life (QoL) to determine animal health and welfare status. The main purpose of QoL assessment tools is that they should produce something which is reliable, robust and easily usable by veterinarians, scientists and animal husbandry staff, as a way of monitoring an animal’s ‘state’, defined as a ‘balance between negative and positive affective states and any cognitive evaluation of these’ (Taylor and Mills, 2007) over time.Such QoL tools could permit not only comparison within an individual from one time to another (for example, before and after a course of treatment, or over several months of living with a degenerative disorder), but could also allow between individual comparisons, to determine whether the QoL experienced by an animal can be considered ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ for a typical animal of that species, breed, gender and age.A survey to assess QoL in healthy dogs using information provided by their owners has recently been developed and is reported by Dr Robert Lavan in this issue of The Veterinary Journal (Lavan, 2013). This has the potential to be extremely useful for veterinarians in practice, and could also be used as a relatively simple data collection tool for future studies.

The new menu won’t blow you away. The revitalized bar menu (centered on, you guessed it, mixology, due in August) is a good start, but the food is nothing you wouldn’t expect from the Applebee’s kitchen. The aforementioned cheesesteak is okay, though it tastes more like roast beef than Gino’s or Pat’s.

Why? “Four decades after Title IX, the low hanging fruit is gone, and the why is complicated,” Blair Loy said. “There are a series of interlocking factors that include workplace cultures that privilege men and cognitive biases that shape what we notice and remember about male and female workers. Even the most well intentioned people among us default to cultural stereotypes that men are more likely to be competent and professional while women are more likely to be warm and nurturing that undermine our efforts to reward talent alone.”.

Perhaps, when the science gets this challenging, then it’s a good thing that entertaining cinema can come along and at least introduce the ideas to the general public. Rather, the book’s details provide enough depth of knowledge to allow the reader to hold their own at lunch time conversations when the topic swings around to the science in the latest show or movie. Perhaps it may induce the reader to do a bit more exploring and learning, especially as many current films feature a website that defines the science, the tropes and the conceits..

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