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The BBC said it will cut more than 1,000 jobs because it expects to receive 150 million pounds ($234 million) less than forecast from the licence fee next financial year as viewers turn off televisions and watch programmes on the Internet. REUTERS/Paul HackettMorgan went on to shame the BBC for taxing D Day veterans to watch television, arguing that he thinks the corporation should be forced to do a U turn.”Why don’t we all go out now and say we aren’t going to do it? We should say we aren’t paying our licence fee there is so much competition now with Netflix and streamers. Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

She’s not sure if Andy notices, but he sure hangs around a lot for someone who may not be interested. At times, she considers herself Andy’s girlfriend. In other instances, she’s mystified about their status.. No plans were revealed for releasing LeEco bicycles, cars or virtual reality gear in North America. Might seem that we have released a lot of seemingly unrelated products, but it is the opposite, Jia said. Have given these products the same nervous system to share content.

Or you could just stick with us. We’ll let you know where the best deals will be, where to go for updates, what apps to sign up for, and even how to be automatically alerted when a price drops. This Black Friday, you can actually enjoy online shopping instead of treating it like the internet version of World War Z..

Attorney Byung J. James Torchia, 61, of Canton is accused in the indictment of running a fraud scheme that caused investors to spend more than $40 million on his company promissory notes. 15 Leslie Chance is schedule to appear before a Kern County Superior judge Wednesday.

The Australian Cricket Board expresses relief at the life ban handed down to former Pakistan captain Salim Malik. ACB chief executive Mal Speed says the report by judge Malik Qayyum had backed the board and senior Australian Test stars, Shane Warne and Mark Waugh. Allegations by Warne, Waugh and Tim May against Malik led to the judge’s investigation.

The failed effort paves the way for something incredible to happen that Americans have been clamoring for in their government: A bipartisan approach to fixing the nation’s healthcare system. As we said in previous editorials, Obamacare needs to be shored up, stabilizing insurance markets that have in some places abandoned consumers or left them with few insurers to choose from. Premiums for middle or upper income earners also need to be curbed..

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