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J. And Campos Nonato, Ismael R. And Campuzano, Julio C. This Data Acquisition Camera (DAC) was one of two 16mm cameras on the Apollo 14 lunar module “Antares” when it landed on the moon on Feb, 5, 1971. Yet it was never intended to be on the ride back to Earth, either. Rather its destination was to be in the bottom of a crater made by the landing module when it crashed back onto the Moon..

The scheme allows guardians to pay below market rent to live in unusual locations while performing TM live in security arrangements that are not considered as a form of work TM. The experiences of becoming and living as a property guardian can be ambivalent and contradictory: guardians express economic and social advantages to being temporary, while also exposing underlying anxieties with flexible living TM. In this paper we offer a detailed description of the various practices of property guardianship and how they must be understood on the one hand, in light of recent geographical scholarship on housing insecurity and, on the other hand, as an example of a precarious subjectivity that has become normalised in recent decades in cities of the global North.

A lot of women were dismayed by how that unfolded and long held it against Lauer, at least partly because his estrangement from Curry again disrupted the smooth family morning TV narrative. But that episode ultimately played as relationship conflict, with Lauer as the instigator. What going on now is exponentially uglier..

The field of educational leadership, management and administration (ELMA) uses methods drawn primarily from cognate educational disciplines. But does this matter? This paper explores the methods used in recently published papers through a snapshot of six issues of six ELMA journals. The analysis showed a preponderance of survey, interview and case study methods, with one journal, JEAH, also publishing papers using methods drawn from history, philosophy and sociology.

Sinha ; A. Norris ; D. Hardman and S. However, it would be many decades before the existence of this disc was proven and a name given to it. The first step came in 1980, when Uruguayan astronomer Julio Fernndez submitted a paper to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in which he speculated that a comet belt that lay between 35 and 50 AU would be required to account for the observed number of comets. It was this paper that later astronomers would draw upon when it came time to name the belt..

Dat is fijn, maar dan lees ik in de krant dat na rondvraag in de buurt naar voren komt dat sommige buren het getreiter geen antisemitisme vinden, maar sensatie. Ik vraag me af wat er niet duidt op Jodenhaat in zijn vergeten je te vergassen refereert hier dus aan het artikel die het Noordhollands Dagblad had geschreven, daarom wist ik al gelijk waar dit over ging toen RTL Nieuws deze zaak ook oppakte, de buurt doet dit af als “Kwajongens” en “Het moet wel van de hangjongeren zijn die op school zitten”. Dat je dan leest dat diegene die dit doen bij de 20 30 zijn dan weet je gewoon al gelijk dat er iets niet klopt in Hippolytushoef.

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