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The planet Mars is one of the brightest objects in the night sky, easily visible with the unaided eye as a bright red star. Every two years or so, Mars and Earth reach their closest point, called “opposition”, when Mars can be as close as 55,000,000 km from Earth. And every two years, space agencies take advantage of this orbital alignment to send spacecraft to the Red Planet.

In 1960, Kidder worked with John Nuckolls and Stirling Colgate at Livermore to develop computer simulations for producing nuclear fusion in laser compressed deuterium tritium capsules. The results of this work led to Livermore’s laser fusion program in 1962, which Kidder was appointed the head of. This program used weapons derived calculations in an attempt to make usable nuclear fusion sources.

So by far the best place to see aurorae in the southern hemisphere is Antarctica! Oh, and at night too. When the solar cycle is near its maximum, aurora australis are sometimes visible in New Zealand (especially the South Island), southern Australia (especially Tasmania), and southern Chile and Argentina (sometimes in South Africa too). Specific atomic transitions in sodium atoms); green and red come from atomic oxygen; nitrogen ions and molecules make some pinkish reds and blue violet; and so on..

Imagine the Universe was a pie, and you were going to slice it up into tasty portions corresponding to what proportions are what. The largest portion of the pie, 68% would go to dark energy, that mysterious force accelerating the expansion of the Universe. 27% would go to dark matter, the mysterious matter that surrounds galaxies and only interacts through gravity.

I shall seek to challenge the received view by offering an “optimistic” interpretation of his concept of salvation in terms of a condition which becomes accessible to us only by detaching ourselves from the world a “peace that is higher than all reason”. Schopenhauer’s philosophy, in other words, ends in the mystical and thus in hope rather than despair. Relatedly, I shall argue that ordinary embodied human existence derives positive value for Schopenhauer in virtue of its being a necessary precondition of salvation.

Steve Saleen grabbed our attention when he announced his new company SMS Limited and gave us a preview of his upcoming versions of the Dodge Challenger, the 570TM and 570XTM. Since the preview only showed a rendering of the vehicle, we figured it would be quite some time before we saw an actual product. Our expectations were exceeded, however, when SMS sent us news of their very first product: the 296 Supercharger system for the 5.7L and 6.1L HEMI V8.

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