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Most likely, the kind of dirty work that results in false flag attacks is carried out by “handlers” and unelected power brokers who control much of what transpires on the world stage. As long as these power brokers see Obama’s second term as a positive thing for shoring up their global control, they will pull out all the stops to make sure he gets reelected, including (but not limited to) staging a false flag event that Obama himself may not even be aware of until the last minute. It’s easier for his reaction to the tragedy to appear sufficiently authentic, after all, if he’s actually not in the loop..

5) Defense against bacterial, viral infections. The only other natural source of lauric acid besides breast milk, coconut oil possesses a unique ability to treat all sorts of infections stemming from bacterial, viral, and even fungal sources. Coconut oil is also a powerful immune booster, aiding the body in natural regeneration and healing from a variety of ailments without the need for drugs or surgery..

Saw her parents, and you could see the anguish in their eyes. It was terrible. Press reporters Kristen Wyatt and Harry Weber contributed to this report.. Remember this, too: Nearly all clothing containing cotton boosts the profits of Monsanto, which sells the genetically modified cotton seeds that farmers use to produce this cotton. So buying someone a pair of jeans for Christmas is essentially putting more money into Monsanto’s pocket. If you really want to help someone boost their defenses against the flu this holiday season, buy ’em some vitamin D (5,000 IUs is the recommended dosage)..

Choline is the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and is a potent epigenetic factor in development. Accordingly, levels of choline during development exert long lasting effects on cognition and emotional functioning, both of which are significantly affected in schizophrenia. The genetic rat model used in this study was the biallelic deletion of the Disc1 (disrupted in schizophrenia 1) gene. Abnormalities in this gene are associated with a higher incidence of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. The protective capacity of choline in the model was assessed by comparing wildtype and knockout rats that were treated prenatally with a standard choline diet or a supplemented diet. Key behaviors under investigation were anxiety, exploration, and pre pulse inhibition.

Too Many PeopleI’m the urban spaceman, babe. But here comes the twist. I don’t exist. Creel and his colleagues found no evidence that current levels of snowmobile use are harming the populations of elk or wolves studied both are stable. However, they caution that their results do not mean that snowmobile use in national parks is benign. “The populations we studied apparently can compensate for the current level of stress, under current ecological conditions, but the physiological effect is there to be seen,” says Creel.

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