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John Malouf, Hawker Foreign aid is always an easy target for savings (“We richer but meaner than ever”, CT, 4 April, p.20). Yet we can contribute to the poor beyond our shores and increase their good health, with the right political will. Prime Minister Turnbull should attend the United Nations high level meeting in September on TB, intended to be “united to end Tuberculosis: a global response to a global emergency”.

Australia’s first tour to India was a success, coming off the back of a nine wicket loss to Pakistan in a one off Test. At Chennai, Richie Benaud took 7 for 72 as India were bowled out for 161. Australia made 319, a lead of 158, and Lindwall claimed 7 for 43 to wrap up victory by an innings and five runs.

Since the chances of this happening are slim to none, the chances of all life going extinct, including the tiny tardigrade, are also slim to none. (Related: It always a good idea to be prepared in the event of a major catastrophe. Our in house lab uses LC MS MS (triple quad mass spec).

Uranus is the coldest planet in our Solar System, with a lowest recorded temperature of 224C, while temperatures in Neptune’s upper atmosphere reach as low as 218C. In short, the Solar System runs the gambit from extreme cold to extreme hot, with plenty of variance and only a few places that are temperate enough to sustain life. Thus, throughout history the recorded highs and lows have varied considerably.

The Suspect, Amos Samuel Milburn Jr. (Age 27 of Lexington Park) had fled the scene. Deputy Goff applied for and received charges through a Criminal Summons for Second Degree Assault and served them on Suspect Milburn.. It was a no brainer. The “mystery” mineral mined out of the ground showed 25,632 ppb of lead while the mineral derived from sea water showed only 26 ppb of lead. At the same time, the magnesium count on the seawater sample was through the roof: 8.9 x 10^7 ppb, which was far outside the calibration range I had set for magnesium (although this Agilent instrumentation does a fantastic job of extrapolation)..

Studies have found that herbicide use has increased because some of the GE crops themselves wouldn t die with herbicide use, so more toxic and stronger herbicides needed to be used to kill the GE crops. With the use of these more toxic and stronger herbicides, farmer profit has decreased, and the ingestion of more toxins has increased for animals and humans. Also, field contamination can occur, where GE seeds are transferred to a non GE farm by the wind or birds, and the farmer of the contaminated field is held responsible.

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