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In the video, there are around 19 shots of Ciroc(film shots, not alcohol) with about 10 15 of them being clear shots. Rick Ross also ends up even mentioning it in his lyrics, with “sex all night, couple shots of Ciroc/Crib on the water, got LeBron up the block”(“Diced Pineapples”). Rumor has it that Diddy pays “$25,000 for mentioning Ciroc on their album in a natural way”.

After a nice lunch and a couple of soft drinks, both clubs went out to continue the tussle. The afternoon games were again very close, but in the end, after some good bowls and a lot of luck, the Majellan hung on to keep the shield. We would like to thank the Wallerawang ladies and men for the sportsmanship and friendship they displayed, making it a great day for everyone, and the Jelly is looking forward to returning the visit in the New Year.

Attacking insider trading has a singular advantage for regulators and journalists alike: short of swiping money from the cash register, it is the simplest financial crime to understand. The frauds perpetrated at Enron or, a generation earlier, the Equity Funding Corporation, defy any simple explanation. Insider trading making money by trading on confidential information is an easy sin to attack.

The one thing that I absolutely always admired about Margaret Hamilton was that she was offered tons of money to do a sequel to the Wizard of Oz, and refused, every time. The wicked witch was dead. Dead is dead. My 12 year old self kept lying about what had got me down instead of being honest. Not being open because you aren ready is fine. But giving fake reasons never really ends well.

Will Cotton politics and personal style give him trouble in a state with a tradition of economic populism, folksy retail politics and an independent political streak? Or does it even matter? Perhaps Arkansas is destined for Republican rule no matter whose name is next to the R. Perhaps an all Obamacare all the time political message can lose. Certainly, that why many thought Pryor was toast to begin with..

I almost positive that at some point way ahead in time, Earth may not even be a to return telemetry to. Earth will just be one of many sites of human (or human like) colonization. Its heritage as our birthplace, our cradle, will be long forgotten by those descendants who dwell amongst the various celestial objects out there..

Fascinated by the medium of films he moved to Florida where he worked as a jobbing actor1 with various film companies including Gaumont and Path. In 1917 he appeared in a film called The Lucky Dog alongside Stan Laurel. They went their separate ways until Ollie joined the Hal Roach company and, after 11 features together, became an official double act..

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