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Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Syria, where the scale of the exodus has reached crisis proportions. Over nine million people have fled the murderous regime of Bashar al Assad. Approximately 2.8 million refugees have successfully crossed the border into adjacent countries, with Lebanon now hosting more than one million registered Syrians, and Jordan and Turkey hosting a combined 1.7 million.

Hunter Davis hooked up with Jayden Brennan on a 77 yard catch and run touchdown one play after the Trojans recovered a fumble, but the visiting Wildcats (7 1) pulled away from Wilson (0 8) in Southwest Portland. Wilsonville’s Payton Dart caught two touchdown passes and had a 90 yard kickoff return for a score. Mason Dean returned an interception 26 yards for a touchdown for Wilsonville, and Riley Scanlan had a 45 yard punt return touchdown.

The current heatwave which is affecting much of England has dominated the headlines and left the countryside looking more like Africa than Albion. In the space of a week or so, daily temperatures in excess of 30C have left outfields parched and brown. The pitches themselves, which for the moment can be watered, stand out like a green oasis..

As has been widely noted, England were only the third side to lose by an innings after scoring at least 400 batting first. There have only been three more instances of a team scoring 375 or more and losing by an innings. Mumbai illustrated how a first innings score of around 400 is no longer the platform for success (or at least, the platform for avoiding failure) that it once was..

We just had an AI summit where all the leaders for AI were there, we have quite a few projects going on there, I mean Intel a major player in AI already, like virtually every software stack runs on Xeon and we have quite a few projects going on. There the advanced development stuff, there nuts and bolts execution, there process and methodology bring up. Yeah I have a fairly broad experience in the computer business.

At first, my reaction was along the lines of, “Wait. What?!” But after thinking about it, it started making a whole lot of sense. She said it really helped her sleep more soundly, and that making the commitment to keep her phone out of her bedroom was a game changer.

That video frame is critical to understanding what happens next. This officer was able to see this threat rapidly approaching his periphery, and in his own mind, he clearly felt that a mob of people was “closing in” on him. In reality, these were mostly just pool partygoers who probably posed no serious threat to him, but for some reason he didn’t process it that way.

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