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Hold your breath people, this is just the beginning. The tweeples adopt uncanny ideas to poke fun at celebrities over issues that could possibly be not even thought of. Well, we must also give some credit to this astonishing sense of humour and creativity that just pours out like water from everywhere on Twitter..

The legendary thoroughbred racehorse Man o’ War, informally christened ‘Big Red’ by horse racing fans, was foaled at the Nursery Stud in Lexington, Kentucky, shortly before midnight on 29 March, 1917. His dam, or mother, was Mahubah, a bay daughter of the English Triple Crown winner Rock Sand. Bred in England, Rock Sand won that country’s most coveted trio of races, the Epsom Derby, the 2000 Guineas and the St Leger Stakes in 1903, and then made headlines again in 1906 with his $125,000 pricetag when purchased by August Belmont II, who imported him into the United States..

As my colleagues will see, Mr. Woods and Ms. Wolford represent the best of the legal profession and are well equipped to serve on the United States District Courts for the Southern and Western Districts of New York.. Republicans in Washington are discussing how to handle the Medicaid expansion. The large majority of funding for expansion tens of billions of dollars comes from the federal government. Some Republican governors have argued against reversing Medicaid expansion because it provides coverage for so many people in their states..

The aim of this research was to assess variation among cows in emissions of eructed CH4 during milking on commercial dairy farms. Enteric CH4 emissions from 1,964 individual cows across 21 farms were measured for at least 7 days per cow using CH4 analysers at robotic milking stations. Cows were predominantly of Holstein Friesian breed and remained on the same feeding systems during sampling.

Fernando Meirelles’ film version of the novel is a triumph of the cerebral thriller splendid matching of a political lesson with the novelist’s expertise in charting paranoia and betrayal. Meirelles’ previous effort, City of God, was a whirling movie. It drilled itself so deep into the world of gangsters that it began to accept their every self justification..

President Bush spent hundreds of billions of dollars looking for WMDs in Iraq and never could quite find them. No wonder! It turns out they were in the cancer clinics the whole time. The quacks, it seems, now have the WMDs and they’re using them on thyroid cancer patients who would be much better served with natural medicine that heals tissues instead of destroying them.

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