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Numerous canines have been seen to leap over the parapet and plunge 50 feet to the burn (creek) below. Unlike the springer spaniel in the quote above, who spent time in animal hospital, not all survive the leap. Even the lucky ones can’t tell us why they jumped..

Everybody Loves Getting a Sensual Massage. Find Out Why By Danny GillTraditional massages are not all that bad. In fact, they are great. Automatic Property Checking of Robotic ApplicationsMiyazawa, A., De Oliveira Salazar Ribeiro, P. F., Li, W., Cavalcanti, A. L.

The administration also backed up Lavrov comments that while the issue came up, it did not dominate Friday so called talks between Sec. Of State John Kerry, Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu.

The orbiter heat shield was damaged when an overpressure wave from the solid rocket booster caused a forward RCS oxidizer strut to fail. The same overpressure wave also forced the shuttle flap an extension on the orbiter underbelly that helps to control pitch during reentry into an angle well beyond the point where cracking or rupture of its hydraulic system would have been expected. Such damage would have made a controlled descent impossible, with John Young later admitting that had the crew known about this, they would have flown the shuttle up to a safe altitude and ejected, causing Columbia to have been lost on the first flight..

Paper logs could be fudged pretty easily, but not the ELD, which is wired to the truck engine and has a display screen visible to the driver. Chase organization says an accurate accounting of a trucker hours is one of the most effective ways to help prevent drowsy driving. But for many truckers, the logging devices have only highlighted the inflexibility and complexity of the regulations..

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe MUS81 protein belongs to a conserved family of DNA structure specific nucleases that play important roles in DNA replication and repair. Inactivation of the Mus81 gene in mice has no major deleterious consequences for embryonic development, although cancer susceptibility has been reported. We have investigated the role of MUS81 in human cells by acutely depleting the protein using shRNAs.

Carina is the only one of Ptolemy’s list of 48 constellations that is no longer officially recognized as a constellation. In 1752, French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille subdivided Argo Navis into Carina (the keel of the ship), Puppis (the Poop deck), and Vela (the sails). Were this still considered to be a single constellation, it would be the largest of all, being larger than Hydra..

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