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This puts Mercury much closer to the Sun than Earth, which orbits at an average distance of 149,598,023km (92,955,902 mi), or 1 AU. This distance ranges from 147,095,000km (91,401,000mi) to 152,100,000km (94,500,000 mi) 0.98 to 1.017 AU. And with an average orbital velocity of 47.362km/s (29.429 mi/s), it takes Mercury a total 87.969 Earth days to complete a single orbit compared to Earth’s 365.25 days..

They suck b/c the economy is bad for one, everyone has their own lives and when u were little u were the center of the universe at least on ur b day. U were easier to please and b/c u were a kid u could tell everyone what u wanted even if they didn’t ask and not sound spoiled. When ur younger you almost always expect something on ur b day and u either got it or got something u didn’t expect which even if it was less than expected was a surprise and still a good thing but as ur get older u expect less but hope for more and even if ur expectations are met ur hopes are not (usually) or ur expect more and get less.

Stevenson said the key feature in the gravity data was the negative mass anomaly at Enceladus’s south pole. This happens when there is less mass in a particular location than would be expected in the case of a uniform spherical body. Since there is a known depression in the surface of Enceladus’s south pole, the scientists expected to find a negative mass anomaly.

A mere three days later, the Cuthbert welcomes one of the finest and most well known bands of the late sixties and early seventies: The Moody Blues are an English classic rock band with more to offer than meets the eye. Coming from the same realm and dreamscape with their work as the likes of Yes, the Moody Blues create progressive, orchestral buildups and explosions of sound in a very unique way. This was their trend earlier on, though moving into the mid seventies came a time for a poppy come mellow reflective sound not unlike some of the Beatles’ earlier work.

This chapter reviews smartphone apps for the self management of LBP and evaluates their content quality and whether they recommend evidence based interventions.This chapter shows that generally app developers are selecting interventions that are endorsed by guidelines, although their quality is low. There are many apps available for the self management of LBP, but their effectiveness in improving patient outcomes has not been rigorously assessed. App developers need to work closely with healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients to ensure app content is accurate, evidence based, and engaging..

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