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Lateral root (LR) formation is an important determinant of root system architecture. In Arabidopsis, LRs originate from pericycle cells, which undergo a programme of morphogenesis to generate a new LR meristem. Despite its importance for root meristem organisation, the onset of organizing center (termed quiescent center; QC) formation during LR morphogenesis remains unclear.

VanA type resistance to glycopeptide antibiotics in clinical enterococci is regulated by the VanSARA two component signal transduction system. The nature of the molecular ligand that is recognised by the VanSA sensory component has not hitherto been identified. Here we employ purified, intact and active VanSA membrane protein (henceforth referred to as VanS) in analytical ultracentrifugation experiments to study VanS oligomeric state and conformation in the absence and presence of vancomycin.

Data were collected using semi structured interviews and were thematically analysed. Results indicate a conflict in the perceived functions and relation of these stakeholders in the construction process. To address the constraint to improving construction H certain recommendations are offered.

Sam Goodwill isn’t a guy but a trio that makes creatively shaped Art Pop, folding in elements of slinky, twilight Soul, skittish Funk and subtle Electronica. It’s not often that you can say a musical act is doing something truly unique but here’s one of those rare instances. The song structures twist and turn inside out regularly, as if guided by a maniacal GPS gone haywire, but it’s somehow never jarring due to precision and telepathic interlock between the band members and the fluid vibe inherent in their sound.

Ever been to Paris, London, or any other major city? Exactly the same thing has happened. This has nothing whatsoever to do with a “California failure” and everything to do with human nature, the freedom to live where you want to live, and the normal patterns of human lives. The idea that there is some legislative housing remedy to this is utter twaddle.

You probably have at least one social media account to your name, and you’ll have been using some form of social media for almost half of your life. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you understand how social media can be used by businesses and, indeed, by individuals looking to get ahead in the business world. While Facebook and Instagram are the hot places to market products at present, LinkedIn is a huge self promotion platform; somewhere to show off your wares and promote your business in the appropriate environment.

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