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(1833)Dr. William Beaumont, an army surgeon physician, pioneers gastric medicine with his study of a patient with a permanently open gunshot wound to the abdomen and writes a human medical experimentation code that asserts the importance of experimental treatments, but also lists requirements stipulating that human subjects must give voluntary, informed consent and be able to end the experiment when they want. Beaumont’s Code lists verbal, rather than just written, consent as permissible (Berdon)..

Existing data on the phylogeography of European taxa of steppic provenance suggests that species were widely distributed during glacial periods but underwent range contraction and fragmentation during interglacials into warm stage refugia. Among the steppe related invertebrates that have been examined, the majority has been insects, but data on the phylogeography of snails is wholly missing. To begin to fill this gap, phylogeographic and niche modeling studies on the presumed steppic snail Caucasotachea vindobonensis were conducted.

And bring your Winnie the Pooh cosplays. Try to make them minimal and hide them away. Like a simple Winnie the Pooh mask that you can fold and hide away between the layers of your backpack and so forth. They messed with university students, they messed with healthcare, they messed with Toronto, they messed funding for the poor and disabled, they messed with at least one person that everyone knows. I don think it will go well. If it does, it rather depressing..

The death of Jon Arryn (John Standing), who serves as the Hand of the King, brings King (Mark Addy) and the Lannister clan north to visit the Starks at Winterfell. It doesn take long for things to sour once the royal entourage arrives. From the moment Robert demands to pay his respects to Ned Stark (Sean Bean) late sister, Lyanna (Aisling Franciosi), in the crypts, it clear there are some unresolved issues between the three families something that becomes even more obvious when Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau) pushes Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) out of a window for walking in on him with his twin sister, Cersei (Lena Headey)..

Hudson said Delashaw is a highly skilled surgeon who is technically proficient and had the ability to recruit talented peers. He said that in recent months, Swedish leaders had worked with Delashaw to give some of his management duties to others. He characterized Delashaw’s decision to leave the organization as “amicable.” Asked if Delashaw received a financial payout to leave, Hudson said he couldn’t discuss that..

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